Providing  Technology Services and Solutions since 1988


Since 1988, 3rd Alternative, Inc. (3A) has been offering professional technology services to businesses and municipalities.


As one of the first Internet Service Providers  (ISP) on Long Island, 3rd Alternative, Inc. (3A) continues to maintain Internet Services as one of Long Island's premeire Online Presence Providers.

Over it's 30 year history, 3rd Alternative has consistently been on the bleeding edge of technology.


In an effort to always stay ahead, we have always been early adopters of all technologies. Whether it's being one of the first ISPs,  to being a premeire company that many businesses and municipalties trust to replace or supplement their entire IT departments.


3rd Alternative has always prided itself on being able to get the job done, get it done right, and get it done for less.


Unlike so many other TECH companies, we are not just Geeks but highly skilled technicians who move in all worlds and understand your BUSINESS concerns and needs.


We don't talk down to you and we always explain everything that we do and why.  We have the right experts for the right jobs.


We work for YOU.


It's a difficult task to properly maintain almost machine, but having it done correctly by experienced professionals ensures that you have the best operating environment possible. Our programs are time tested for the best results. After all, we've only been doing for 28+ years.

Opinions are always good idea, and opinions by highly experienced professionals are the best.


We offer our 3rd party consulting services to many businesses and municipalities.

Running wires and getting connected to the Interent is laborious and time consuming. Why not let us do for it you? Our low voltage installations are certified for all types of networks. Data/Phone/CCTV/Security Sytems/ Video Systems, Audio Systems, Fire Systems, etc.

It's difficult to know what your needs may be in the near future, and almost impossible to predict what they will be in the far future. But having people that work with bleeding technology now can help you better paln for your technology needs tomorrow.  

Do you have a backup plan? Do you know how to restore your data in emergency circumstances? Do you know how to safely store your backups? If your entire building burned to the ground, how long would it take you get up and running again? We know how to do it.  

Sometimes things are broken beyond repair. But that does not have to be the nightmare scenario that you have always dreaded.

We may not be able to fix the broken part, but we can save you time and money by recovering what appears to be "lost data".

Internet Services



Taking care of computers has been  one of our primary duties since before our inception.


Hailing from the days of mainframe systems and basic telecom. We started taking care of personal computer systems  and networks in 1988,  and have never stopped!




In the early days of the online world, we offered our clients access to Internet email that was batch processed through our online BBS system.


We were among the first to offer live PPP/SLIP connections,via dial-up and then  constant T1 high bandwidth connections for full online connectivity for businesses.

In 1998, we established a unique program to maintain  computer systems and  networks  that were extremely efficient and cost effective. Thus making us the premeire provider of this service.


20 years later, this proven method of computer maintence is still offered and is still efficient and cost effective.


Many clients use us instead of hiring their own IT department.

Many businesses and organizations continue to have a complete online presence and require people  with know-how to help them navigate through the many changes of the online technology world.  Since 2010, 3A has been a complete online presence provider and consultant with services that range from websites, email, email marketing, online stores,  and other related online services.


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1998- Present 

For over 25 years 3rd Alternative has been a top  Online Presence Provider for 100s of businesses and municipalities.


With a near 100% uptime reliability, 3rd Alternative can not only get you on the web, but maintain it, and actively participate in helping you maintain your dominance in all aspects of online presence.


Whether you want a Domain name, website, and email, or you want someone to manage your social media, give a us call and see what we can do you for you.


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Full Internet Services


Online Presence Provider

2014 - Social Media Analysis and Targeting

There is no doubt that Social Media is a major influence on all of us. However, just being on it does not guarantee tangible results, or yield data that is even useful.  This is of course unless you know how to interpret the data and react to it.


Always remaining on the bleeding edge, let 3rd Alternative activate and manage your Social Media Presence on the Internet. With critical analysis that gets results, we can optimize your Internet Presence and help you strategically and wisely place your online investments to maximize your exposure. 

Online Presence Provider 

Do you have specialty needs? Running a recording studio? Graphics Design Studio? Video Editing Studio? Photo Image Treatment Studio? Specialty departments require specialty computers. Let us design, install and implement your specialty needs.